W8JVP and KE8BSV are going on a POTA tour!

Club member and Member at Large, Ken Irish (W8JVP) and son Dennis (KE8BSV) will be taking a tour of National Parks, Monuments and Memorials, west of the Mississippi and activating POTA references along the way. Their tour starts May 17, 2022 and will go for 26 days into mid June. 

They’ll be living and working in a 29 ft motorhome and their equipment will consist of an ICOM 7100 and a 36ft vertical telescoping mast mounted on the back of the motorhome as well as a backup OCFD 40 meter dipole. For local comms they’ll be using a Comet UHV mobile antenna (20/40 6 Meter and 2 M capable ). 

They’ll be on the lookout for local hams  on 40 and 20 meters, so let’s help them get their contact quotas for activations!  Keep your eyes on the POTA spotting page at https://pota.app/#/  for their call signs and help them activate! 

Their itinerary can be found below.

MI QSO Party Wrap up

Thanks to everyone who came out last month and operated with us at the W8VY Club shack at the Red Cross for the MI QSO party. We had a great turn out, lots of food and good conversations were had. We met some new friends and had lots of fun operating together for the first time in the shack since the start of the pandemic 2 years ago.

We tried to get a scheduled QSO with our friend and club member Jim Gorka (N8JG) in FL but time and conditions didn’t allow for it unfortunately. We’ll have to try harder next time! We look forward to more operating events and activities at the club shack in the coming future.